St. Jerome Catholic School
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Coerver Soccer Academy

Soccer Performance Academy is proud to announce their 2nd season at St. Jerome! 

The first season was a tremendous success as all of the participants were able to demonstrate significant improvement. The new season is fast approaching and spots are limited. 

Coerver Soccer Performance Academy will be offered on Fridays
(Intensive 12 week program) from 3:45 to 5 pm.
For all inquiries please call/text coach Erik Astanov at 713.724.5161.
The link to register is below:
To those not familiar with the name Coerver - it is widely considered to be the world's number one technical development program for youth soccer players that is taught around the world. At St. Jerome it is brought to you by the USSF nationally licensed coaches Erik Astanov and Steve Johng of Main Street Indoor Soccer. Our aim is to develop confident and creative soccer players while also teaching essential social skills such as good sportsmanship, integrity, respect, and a good attitude towards teammates and opponents.

We hope to see some new faces in 2018 and looking forward to another fantastic season!