St. Jerome Catholic School
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Student/Parent Handbook

The 2017-2018 student/parent handbook is currently under revisions.  When it is complete, it will be uploaded here.  Below are some of the important items you will find in the handbook.  We thank you for your patience!


The student/parent handbook a document that outlines the rules and regulations of St. Jerome Catholic School. Find information to answer all your questions here. Find information on:

  • The St. Jerome Catholic School Mission and Vision
  • Our School Philosophy
  • Objectives of our Instructional Program
  • General Information
  • School Regulations
  • Academics
  • Our Religion Program
  • Parent-School Relationship
  • In Case of Emergencies
  • Health Programs
  • Miscellaneous Information

The final page of the student-parent handbook must be signed by each student and guardian and returned to the school by ALL St. Jerome Catholic School students.